Mackerel with Beetroot and Apple Salad

An overdose of  Masterchef  and my lovely new kitchen have put me back in the mood for cooking, something which I really missed in my last flat. I’m hoping to get a bit more experimental and to start to learn how to combine flavours for myself but I find the idea of stepping away from the recipe book quite daunting! In the meantime, I’m hoping by blogging about recipes I’ve tried, it might provide some inspiration for those awkward days when you’ve no idea what to cook but you want to avoid convenience food.

So, this week, I rediscovered a great recipe I used to make fairly regularly; Spiced Mackerel served with Beetroot, Salsa on Sourdough Toast. It ticks all the boxes for me during a busy week- it’s very quick to prepare, it’s healthy, it’s pretty cheap and most of the ingredients are long-lasting, meaning you can keep some mackerel and beetroot tucked away in the cupboard for a day when you need something quick and easy that is still delicious.

The recipe for this dish comes from BBC Good Food and as there’s little point in me typing it out, you can find it here:

photo (4)     photo (5)

I used smoked mackerel- I’m not sure this is what the recipe intends for you to do but I find it adds a nice element to the dish- I just pop the curry powder on top and stick it under the grill for a few minutes but you don’t even have to do that, the smoked mackerel alone is a great accompaniment to the salsa.  The one thing I do recommend is getting hold of some good, fresh sourdough bread- it makes all the difference.

I made enough of the salsa to take some to work with me for lunch the following day and for that, I flaked the mackerel through the salsa to make a salad I could take into work easily. It was just as tasty and makes the dish quite flexible- you could use it as part of a picnic, or make a larger quantity of the salad to feed a crowd.

photo (6)

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 18.28.36

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