Band of the Week #4: MS MR

It’s been a hectic week and I don’t know about you but once I get busy, I find myself getting lazier with my listening habits and sticking my iPod on Shuffle most days, which means I spend a lot of time listening to bands whose albums I know inside out.

But, a pleasant surprise popped up in the form of a single by ‘MS MR’ and when I looked them up, I found out they have released their debut album, Secondhand Rapture this week and it has been on heavy rotation ever since.  MS MR are an electropop due from New York but unlike many of the electropop acts around today, their songs have are fantastically atmospheric with an urgency and sense of building up to something  that reminds me of Florence and the Machine (without the warbles.) It’s probably something to do with the thumping floor tom scattered throughout- let’s face it, everyone loves a good floor tom (Ask Yannis from Foals or Ellie Goulding…)

Lizzy Plapinger’s vocals are husky and soulful, the melodies are catchy, the textures are rich and although we’re drowned in electro pop bands fronted by super cool women at the moment, I think MS MR have something extra to offer that means they’re going to be a real hit.

Although I thoroughly endorse buying the record to support a young band (see here:  you can give it a road test now on Spotify here:

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 18.28.36

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