I’m Roisin, I’m a twenty-something living in Maida Vale,  London. During daytime (and some evening) hours, I work for a large festival company,  most of the time helping to make interesting and cultural things happen and some of the time making tea and staring at spreadsheets.  I’ve been a serial blogger for a few years, I have a habit of starting very specific blogs and loosing interest, so I’ve decided to start again, as Rose Tinted, where I’m free to blog about whatever takes my fancy. After all, who says a girl who loves music, comedy, books and theatre can’t also take some time out to looks at pretty pictures on Pinterest and talk about her latest cooking adventures or fashion discoveries?

Things that take my fancy tend to be (but not limited to): music, festivals, food, cooking, booze and pubs, London, travelling and popular culture in general. And sloths.

The name Rose Tinted comes from my own name, loosely, as Roisin translates to Little Rose in Gaelic (that’s Irish, to you and me.)  Admittedly, I’d like to see things with slightly more rose-tinted glasses than I do but often I find the thorns get in the way.


I’d like to think it goes without saying all views on this blog are my own but in this day and age, it’s best to be cleear.


If you happen to like my blog, you can find me in all those usual social places:


And, if you like, feel free to get in touch at: rosetintedlondon@gmail.com


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