Band of the Week #2: Public Service Broadcasting

I’ve known about Public Service Broadcasting for quite a while and while I enjoyed their music well enough, they’ve never quite grabbed me and made me want to press repeat but, their latest release, Signal 30 and the B side New Dimensions in Sound have meant they’ve turned a corner for me. It’s not often you can honestly say a new band has a unique sound but PSB build  instrumental tracks around old samples they’ve drawn from radio and news archives and turn them into complex and often moving soundtracks. At first, I honestly thought this idea had little in the way of longevity but the more they release, the more I’ve decided that they offer substance as well as style and I’m really looking forward to the release of their LP, ‘Inform, Educate, Entertain,’ next month.

While ‘Signal 30’ is the lead single and the one getting radio play at the moment, I personally prefer the ‘B side,’ New Dimensions In Sound- I’m drawn in instantly by  the beautiful, dreamy beginning to the track which soon descends into rocky chaos.

If you like what you hear, they are just about to embark on a huge UK tour which is selling out fast, so check out the tourdates on their webpage:

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