Band of the Week #1: Half Moon Run

One of life’s pleasures for me is seeking out new music- I can quite happily lose hours to Soundcloud and Spotify, exploring new and old releases I haven’t heard before.  It’s part of the modern world to curate our own soundtracks now and although some people criticise the ‘throw-away’ attitude many people now have to music, I think it’s fantastic that we are freer than ever to dig out things that suit our tastes that might not necessarily be number one in the charts or bands who haven’t yet been NME’s flavour of the month.

So, I’ve decided to try and share a new discovery each week with you- I can’t guarantee it will be an obscure choice but I assure you that my picks will always be something I’ve been enjoying and would like to share.


Half Moon Run

Canadian band Half Moon Run are about to have their time. Fact. Their latest single, ‘Full Circle’ has already been picked up for plenty of airtime on the radio station of music affecionados,  BBC 6 Music . The summery feel to their music should help push them into the limelight in the UK (and a tour with the Mumfords won’t do them any harm in terms of publicity.)

Although they only really seem to have released ‘Full Circle’ in the U.K. sofar, they’ve recently signed to Glassnote for a full global release for their debut album DARK EYES in 2013 but if you’re keen and don’t want to wait, you can listen to it in full online here:  I’ve really been enjoying Full Circle but ‘Give Up’ is also a standout track for me- a dreamy (and undeniably Radiohead-esque) track.

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